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SWS Fund -- a non-profit charitable corporation -- supports the students, teachers and curriculum at Seattle World School.  
SWS offers immigrant and refugee middle and high school students ELL classes in science, math, social studies, music, art, drama and English.  Unlike other Seattle public schools, it has no PTA.  SWS Fund hopes to fill this gap to enhance the curriculum and learning opportunities for those in our community who need that most.


What We Do

Since its incorporation in 2017, SWS Fund has raised almost $50,000 annually.  We have used those funds to purchase technology for the classrooms so students have individual access to ipads or laptops, phys ed equipment, art supplies, field trips to the Seattle Center and museums, science and leadership camps, robotics equipment for the school club, music keyboards, cameras, library books, and basic supplies including paper, pencils, staplers, file folders, markers, room fans and heaters and notebooks.  We also give each teacher a $500 stipend to buy materials for their classroom.


Since most of the students who attend the Seattle World School are immigrants who qualify for the District reduced or free lunch program, the pandemic has hit them especially hard.  We have joined with a sister organization Kandelia (formerly VFA) to reach out to needy students who lost jobs and cannot pay for food, rent or utilities.  


We understand these times are difficult for all of us.  But -- if you have the resources -- SWS Fund asks that you donate any available funds, computers, or Safeway gift cards to help out.

A BIG THANKS to all of you who have answered our call for help, and especially to the generous grant from the Washington State Student and Youth Homeless Covid 19 Response Fund.  With your ongoing support, we continue to do what we can.



The Seattle school district funds the SWS students at the same level as other public school students.  That is part of the problem and why SWS teachers need more support.  Education experts agree that students with limited English proficiency face many more challenges when enrolled in American schools. In addition to the language barrier, many lack basic school skills and face economic and emotional transition issues.  Note, Federal Funding for Newcomer Schools: A Bipartisan Immigrant Education Initiative, 120 HARV.L.R. 799 (2007).  

The students at the World School do not have access to the financial resources other Seattle schools have.  Not all even have parents here and those who do don't work for technology companies offering matching grants. http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/as-parents-raise-cash-schools-confront-big-gap/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=article_left_1.1  

To bridge this gap, we formed the SWS Fund.As teacher Shalini Miskelly said about staff requests for books, technology and supplies:  “You know, computers break, and our school grows throughout the year,” Miskelly said, “so the number (of students) we end up with goes up by about a hundred over the year.”

Your donations to the SWS Fund can help meet the extra and ongoing needs these students require to succeed.


Our Gallery

Students at the Seattle World School -- in science, sports, learning English while developing skills to adapt to new challenges.


Make a Donation, Change Our Community

We Can’t Do it Without You

We wouldn’t be able to run SWS Fund without the generous contributions from donors like you. Your support has the power to immediately make a difference in someone’s life.
In their college application essays, SWS students wrote about how the school helped them transition to their new lives.  So many come here leaving family behind.  At SWS, they learn English, make new friends and gain confidence to advance their education.
You can donate by sending a check to SWS Fund, 5155 54th Ave S., Seattle, WA 98118, or if you prefer pushing the donate button below.  The tax id number for SWS Fund is 82-1252726.


Seattle World School is a Title I middle and high school within the Seattle School District, 1700 E. Union, Seattle, WA 98122.  http://sws.seattleschools.org  SWS has approximately 350 students, all require bilingual education and 96% qualify for the free or reduced lunch program. As a newcomer school, its students come to SWS from all over the world -- e.g. Kenya, the Congo, Guatemala, Mexico, China, Korea, Vietnam, El Salvador, Eritrea, Palestine --34 countries speaking 36 languages.

To learn more about SWS:



 See recent articles in the Seattle Times:



 Read their stories at  http://www.jackstraw.org/programs/ed/sws2015.shtml.

See the recent article in the Capital Hill Times:


See the recent video on KCTS 9:


The founding directors and officers of the SWS Fund are Joyce Bamberger, a retired lawyer and teacher, Dan Hensley, a retired judge, and Matt Jamin, a retired federal magistrate and lawyer.  All volunteer in the classrooms at SWS. Also directors are a parent, Emma Moreno, and community volunteers Timothy Parent, Maria Rameriz and Gayne Sanchez, and three of the great SWS teachers, David Couture, Math, Michael McNaul, Social Studies, and Lori Leberer, Art.


If you are interested in joining our Board please contact Joyce Bamberger at info@swsfund.org.


Big Thanks to our Generous Donors

Laurie Adams, Julie Amor, Elaine Andrews, Matt and Chris Jamin, Joyce Bamberger & Dan Hensley, Elizabeth Barry, Bobrow/Tanabe Foundation, Karen and Jeremy Manzer, Steve Seick , Erlina Bravo, , Marissa Singleton,  Stephanie  Cole, Dana Fabe, Jeff Feldman, Kirsten & Rick Friedman, Gail Gatton and Mark Wittow, Julia Gold, Kate Gordon, Tracy Krauter, Jane Yokohama, Jane Harris & Leslie Folsom, Barbara Hermann, Matt & Chris Jamin, Jim Morrow, Gregg and Shalini Miskelly, Max Hensley & Ashley Rousson, Karen Lambert, Dr. Sheridan Morgan & Rosa Hensley, Susan Kese, Atsuko Osawa & Bruce Landon, Diane Steen, Thaddeus Johnson, Julian Mason and Margie  MacNeille, Viv Montoya and Jay Livey, Trish O’Gorman and Jay Holtan, Ann and David Rappaport, Bill Ross & Margot Dick, Robyn Urbach, James Rehrman, Jim Torgerson & Morgan Christen, Rose, Willie, Hendrik and Sara Van Hemert, Jamie and Robin Linxwiler, Connor McCoy and Kate Speake, Erik Leroy and Beth Snyder, Charles Tulin, Zev Siegl, Margo Sack, Ira, Miriam & Emily Panzer, Ann Rappaport, Cindy Smith & Bob Babson, Judy and Chris Bockmon, Bonnie Godfred, Greg and Shalini Miskelly, Thomas Spangler, the Vietnamese Friendship Association, the Albert and Ida Bamberger Trusts, Dalziel Whipple, Allie Gerlach, Linda Lameroux, Eleanor H. Toews, Barbara Maryan & Daniel Blake, Ron & Kathy Beil, Chuck Salmon, Daniel Condreay, Marissa and Jim Singleton, the Chabot Family Fund, Deborah and Reily Kidd, Chuck Salmon and Stephanie Cole.

Matching corporate grantors: Microsoft through Benevity, Boeing and Google

And our major grant funders:  The Norcliffe Foundation, the Glaser Foundation. 


SWS Fund Donations

What is funded: 30 laptops on carts portable to classrooms, 50 iPads, books for an English class, books for the school library,  25 Kindles for a literacy class, field trip to Pacific Science Center and to hear Justice Sotomayor, a laminator, $500 per teacher classroom stipends ( paying for basic needs such as paper, pencils, erasers, printers and ink, books, magazine and newspaper subscriptions, cameras and photography equipment, cleaning supplies, planners, markers, staplers, bilingual books and dictionaries, shuttlecocks), music keyboards, calculators, art club projects, music supplies, stage lighting, environmental science camps, art displays, teacher training conferences, robotics kits.

What is needed:  funding for long-term planning and implementing intensive curriculum development -- speakers, community leaders and artists, more field trips, cultural exchanges, and instructional assistants fluent in Maya-Quiche, and more classroom supplies and equipment, dictionaries and reading materials for newcomers, classroom libraries, a reliable copying machine, musical equipment, learning gardens and a greenhouse and other sports teams.


Mary Pipher

“People come here penniless but not cultureless. They bring us gifts. We can synthesize the best of our traditions with the best of theirs. We can teach and learn from each other to produce a better America…”


SWS Fund


5155 54th Ave S
Seattle, Washington  98118



EIN: 82-1252726


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